Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Burn fat and loss weight for free with proven oldschool methods!

Everybody wants to reinvent the wheel! We think there is a secret to losing weight and burning fat but the truth is simple. Clean nutrition, hard work, and consistency will yield results. Sure fitness programs like Insanity work, but so do time tested exercises like Jumping rope, Jumping Jacks, and those good old fashion elementary school exercises we use to do way back when!

Jumping rope burns tons of calories and it also gives a great fullbody workout. You can vary the workout in limitless ways as well. My favorite is to jump for 45 seconds and rest for 25 seconds. I do this for atleast 25 minutes and by the end I am drenched in sweat! Change up how you jump for added variation and fun (high knees, running in place, criss cross, single leg, etc...)

Another great exercise for beginners is Jumping Jacks! These are simple and the intensity can be increased or simplified according to your fitness level. You can either do these for time or for sets of 100 like I do.

These are two GREAT and EFFECTIVE exercises you can use to jump start your fatloss routine.

With practice maybe you will be able to start doing these as well!!!

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