Rates and sessions

If you are in the New Orleans area I would love to train you!!!

2 Different Locations
- City Park
- The Lakefront
- Joe Brown Park is now an option as well.

Types of Training

  One on One  
 1individual session - $25.00
 6 sessions- $130.00
 1 month - 12 sessions $250.00 (BEST DEAL!!!)

One on One Training
Small Groups (2 or more people)
2 people-$15.00 a person
3 or more- $10.00 a person

Large Groups (6 or more)
-Contact me to discuss pricing...

-Speed and performance coaching (Great for kids and/or athletes ready to get to the next level)
  One or two times a week! We focus on speed drills and perfecting sprint form and technique.
 **Contact me for rates

-At Home Training- Prices start at $25.00 per session but traveling can increase the cost to you.**
 Referrals -Refer a friend and get two free days of training. Refer 5 friends and get a free month (12 sessions).*
*Referrals must commit to a month (12 training sessions) in order for the free sessions to be honored.
** Contact me for more details

-No refunds for cancellations occuring without a 24 hour notice. 

Showing up late!
If you are late for a session, you are still expected to pay full price for that session. I won't show up late so I don't expect you to. 

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