Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Crossfit: Love it or Hate it?

CROSSFIT: Love it or hate it?

Crossfit at first glance is awesome! I will admit, I love to watch the competitions on ESPN.
These competitors are serious Athletes and I respect that. However, as Crossfit is gaining popularity many non-athletes are finding out the hard way that Crossfit can do more harm than good. Now, I would go into a long break down of the pros and cons etc...but I read this article and though I disagree with a few points here and there, this article Why I dont do Crossfit
summarizes my feelings in a nutshell.  In short, I've posted some videos that I thought were pretty hilarious. They show the result of poor coaching, poor techniques, or people letting their egos keep them from making common sense decisions. So do you Crossfit?