Sample Workouts

5-3-1 Powerlifting Type Workout

Ab Work!

M-100 Workout

Here is a pretty simple but effective workout to get the heart rate bumping as a warm up, finishing, or total workout depending on your fitness level. It's simple in concept. 100 reps! These reps will be broken into sets of 3.
Your sets will consist the following:
 10 Burpees
 10 Mountain Climbers
 10 Double Pump Squat Jumps
Click the link below to see a sample...

M-100 Workout

 Burpees with a Tuck Jump

Skill level - Intermediate

Do you want to change up your workout? Add a set of these burpees to the end of your workout to shed some additional calories and work on your TOTAL BODY EXPLOSIVENESS

3 sets of 10 should provide a nice challenge, if that is too easy crank it up to 15-20.

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