Friday, May 10, 2013

How to eat (The Basic Guideline to keep you healthy and make you lose weight)

Everybody is searching for the magic answer to the best way to eat. There are so many diets out there, so many fads and trends! But I am about to make it simple as possible . If you follow these two principles the majority of your diet will clean up and your nutritional intake will increase. From there, there are tweaks and details which will make it more productive to achieving certain looks (six pack, gain muscle, recover, perform better, etc...) But for now, this will help you jumpstart your new lifestyle.

1) Use the Power of the SUN - The sun provides ENERGY!!! If you have been feeling sluggish then let the sun's energy get into your body to give you energy as well. How do you do this? Well, fruits and vegetables absorb the sun's energy and store it for YOU! That's right, they store all of this wonderful energy just for you to use.

2) If it hasn't lived or doesn't live then don't eat it - This is a simple one, if it was made in a lab or factory then don't put it into your body. There is no reason you should read the ingredients of a food and not be able to recognize what it's made of. Stick with lean meats, fresh (organic) fruits, vegetables, seeds, sprouts, and juices!

Things to Avoid!!!

Think White Ain't Right - White rice, white bread, flour, salt,sugar, potatoes etc...these are to be avoided as much as possible. Stick with brown rice, sweet potatoes, honey, oatmeal, whole wheat bread, these are more productive for your body and have much less damaging effects on your figure as well.

Artificial sweetners - Sure they are sugar free but they have been known to lead to CANCER! So pick your poison, Diabetes vs Cancer.

Sodas- Sure I love a Sprite, or Barq's Rootbeer here and there but this is a once a week treat! Not something you indulged in everyday with every meal. The sugar and salt content in sodas are off the charts! Think Water or green tea with honey if you want something with flavor. 

This is just a quick and dirty summary of things that will help you clean up your diet lifestyle cleaned up! Hope this helps someone.

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