Tuesday, June 11, 2013

No Equipment but still want a great Fat burning workout!? Try my 1,2,3 workout!

No Equipment but still want a great Fat burning workout!? Try my 1,2,3 workout!

This workout is simple in concept but becomes brutally challenging as your numbers continue
to multiply per set. The rest is as little or as long as needed. Here's the workout.
Pushups, Body weight squats, crunches.  Simple right, well here's the twist.
Here's what it looks like
Set 1 : 1 Pushup, 2 Squats, 3 Crunches
Set 2 : 2 Pushups, 4 Squats, 6 Crunches
Set 3 : 3 Pushups, 6 Squats, 9 Crunches
Set 4 : 4 Pushups, 8 Squats, 12 Crunches

As you can see, those numbers start increasing pretty quickly and the lack of rest time greatly
enhances the effect of this workout. Keep going until you get to 10 Pushups, start at 10 again and  then work your way back down the pyramid. I guarantee by the time your finished you will be covered in sweat and pretty exhausted!

 By the time you are finished you will have done 110 pushups, 220 squats, and 330 crunches!!!


  1. This is a great workout! I think this is one of the things I will try to get me back into working out. How often should this "1,2,3 Workout" be done for maximum weight loss and fat burning? I would also like to fit in jumping rope..

  2. Hi Honey(less) B(ee)! Sorry for the late response! I would suggest 3 days a week. And do the jump ropes in the days in between. I believe I have some jump rope routines posted on here as well. Check them out!

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