Saturday, August 24, 2013

More entries on the way...

I hope life has been treating you kind if you are reading this. The last week has been pretty busy and frustrating for me to say the least. Life seems to bring problems in bunches however I guess this adds to the beauty of life. You truly never know what tomorrow has in store. I've been tempted to drink, endulge in junk food and high fat snacks however I was able to stay the course. Discipline is a must, even when the times get tough. After all, how can I preach a good game if I can't live it, right?

More articles are on the way though. Just had to take care of some pretty pressing issues. Luckily, nothing is life threatening or even health related. I'm about to put the overtraining theory to the test.

On a brighter note! It's starting to feel like FOOTBALL Season! Go Saints!

*Warning* -This is CT Fletcher- Profanity is almost guaranteed to be in the video below.

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