Sunday, December 8, 2013

Should you do ab work everyday?

Should you do ab work everyday?

Well, it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. The reality of it is this, if you want a six pack then you are better suited changing your diet and upping your cardio output. We all have abs, however our genetic make-up is different so some people will show a 4 pack, some will show a 6 pack, and some will show an 8 pack. However, the more fat you have covering your "pack", the harder it will be for it to be visible. Melt the fat, and your abs will begin to show.

Now there are ways to make your abs more pronounced! Some people have really small abs and some people have thick full abs. In my opinion, both are aesthetically pleasing, however if you prefer a thicker, fuller, ab outline then I would suggest doing weighted crunches, pulldowns etc… The weight will make the muscle bellies take on a fuller look.  So with that out of the way let's get to the meat and potatoes of the argument.

---Training for strength---
Whether or not to do abwork everyday comes down to your goals! If you talk to any professional track and field athlete you will hear that they work abs everyday! Numbers vary between 500-1500 ab reps on any given day depending on the intensity of their main track and field workout. This may seem like a lot but the goal is to have a strong core. This leads me to my point! If you want a strong core, there is nothing wrong with doing abs everyday. Your stomach muscles are stabilizer muscles, they are constantly in work everyday so working them won't lead to overtraining. For example, if you are a track athlete, on your high intensity sprint days you would do less reps. On your low intensity cardio days, you would do more reps. Trust me, your muscles recover quicker than we give them credit for.

Always try to vary the ab exercises so that you target the different regions of the midsection: Obliques, upper abs, lower abs. Great exercises to incorporate are hanging knee raises, oblique crunches, knee to elbows, alternating plank work, and jack knifes!!!

---Training for the six pack---
The six pack means tells nothing about a persons core strength! I have seen numerous people over the years with ripped stomaches who were weak as a baby! Conversely, I have taken ab classes with instructors who look like they have never even thought of a six pack however their classes were the hardest I've ever taken and yes, they were able to hang the whole time. This is because they train for strength vs aesthetics much like if you compare a powerlifters body to a bodybuilder. So basically, if your goal is to acquire that cover model six pack, think diet diet diet.  Abs are made in the kitchen. Remember, we all have ab muscles some or just hidden under what we eat everyday.


Remember, changing your body is a marathon not a sprint. Make healthy eating choices, and workout consistently and over time you will see your results. Fall in love with the process. Enjoy the journey and not just the thought of the destination. Working out is a great lifestyle so remember that you are taking steps to keep your body healthy which will in turn lead to a higher quality of life. I didn't really give a specific ab routine because the options are almost limited. Just remember to always challenge your self because if you are not challenging yourself you are not changing!

Let me know what you think.

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