Friday, January 3, 2014

Live a better life in 2014!!!

2013 was a rough year for me. There was much more death than I am comfortable with in my circle.
I lost an old classmate (30something years old), my grandfather, my wife's grandfather and my wife's father! Talk about crazy! The weirdest thing about it was that those deaths were always right before or after holidays. Not to mention, the week of Christmas my wife's father succumb to his battle with Leukemia. Talk about a sucky way to end the year.

I didn't even mention the fact that I caught a nasty stomach virus the week of Christmas so I spent the first part of the week either hovering over the toilet vomitting or sitting on the toilet with EXPLOSIVE DIARHEA!!! Ah well, out with the old in with the New right!!! Today, I finally made it back into the gym. It's been about 2 weeks since my last lifting session. Matter of fact, the last day I lifted weights was the day I came home sick with the EXPLOSIVE VOMITING!!! At first, I thought I lifted too hard and had a problem with my pre-workout mix. However, after 3 different sessions over the toilet I realized this was something different, something more, SOMETHING CRUCIAL lol… Ah well, about 5 days later and lbs lighter I began my recuperation.
Being that it was holiday time and once again I re-iterate I am from New Orleans, bad food grabbed a hold of me.  Talk about an epic plunge, YES I WENT HEAD FIRST or should I say Mouth first!!! See my Moms is a really good cook! And my brother has MASTERED the recipe for his OOEY GOOEY CAKE.  Hell, I call it "CRACK CAKE!!! Seriously, it is DELICIOUS! Lol, it's so addictive that he can't just bring one pan to a party but he has to bring certain family members whole pans so they can eat it by themselves. Now, personally, I don't recommend anyone eat a whole OOEY GOOEY CAKE! That seems like a recipe for DIABETES, or OBESITY at the least lol. But like I said, it is tasty so I understand.
With that being said, today was time to atone for my holiday sins! The plan was to murder legs today however, it didn't quite workout that way. This was more like "attempted murder", I say that because my workout lacked a little. First my battery on my phone died prematurely! That means no music which means I lost a little of my AMP! Second, everything felt heavier than normal! Even 185lbs on the smith machine felt like a mountain.  Not to mention my endurance felt nonexistent, I could only muster about 8 reps before I had to give in. This was a far cry from my last BEASTMODE session 2 weeks ago. But once again, I understand I am rebuilding.

Thus, I went through my rounds did my best and pushed it as hard as I could. Smith Machine Squats, Free Squats, Single Leg Curls followed by Double Leg Curls, Single Leg Extensions followed by Double leg extensions and walking lunges to finish everything off. I can't wait until I feel like "ME" again but sometimes you have days like this. The important thing is to keep it moving, never give up and keep fighting! 

In essence that is the way we are supposed to live this life. When things aren't going your way, keep pushing and eventually things will go back to normal or even get better. As I will bury my father in law tomorrow, I challenge you to LIVE! Live hard! Don't just exist! Challenge yourself. It will hurt but so what, pulling muscles and not being fit hurts worse in the long run. My son reaps the benefits of having a fit dad everyday!

The next step is to get my body back on the Alkaline side of the Acidic/Alkaline Ph battle. You see, cancer can not survive in an alkaline environment. Acidic foods reap havoc inside of your body. And according to Dr. Sebi, the other hazard to our body is Mucus build up so that is the other issue I will try to get in order. I suggest anyone that has not heard of his teaching to look him up. He has done with modern medicine has failed to do…help the body heal itself, not just manage a condition. In the coming weeks and months, I will aim to not just post about exercise and workouts but also about healing the body and proper nutrition to help aid the body in healing itself. The more I learn, the more I realize a lot of the "healthy"foods we were taught may not be the healthiest for our bodies. Life is truly like the "MATRIX"

To my clients-
Sorry to have gone AWOL.
Like I told you, I was sick as a dog for a week and trying to plan this funeral the next week.
But, I'm ready to start working you back into shape. 2014 is here let's get it!
If you want a better breakdown of the workout feel free to message me or email me.

Here's to a productive, fruitful New Year!!!  CHEERS!
-Mark B Fitness

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