Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Coke and other soft drink products! Let's talk.


I'm not pointing out one specific brand of cola or soft drink or whatever you want to call it. The manufacturing process is the same I'm sure. You love em', I love em' but we really need to reconsider what we are putting into our bodies. Let's face it, the saying is we are what we eat correct so "Junk in, Junk out. I've put together a few videos that really give you a VISUAL as to what you are putting into your body when you decide to drink that 20oz bottle of coke. And I know for a fact some people don't drink any water but will drink 3-4 bottles of coke a day! Can you imagine all of the sugar and build up that is accumulating inside of your systems. And we wonder why our bodies are not working properly, why we can't have kids, why we are suffering with diabetes, etc... If you are one of the people I just mentioned, do your self a favor and try to back off atleast one or two sodas a day and substitute them for a bottle of water atleast! Rome wasn't built in a day however it was built one brick at a time (assuming they used bricks but you get the picture lol.)


This first video comes from the Russian Hacker, I love his videos. He has all kinds of useful life hacks and interesting experiments that one would probably not think of ordinarily. In this video he does an experiment where he boils a bottle of 20oz soda. What is left after the water burns off is the accumulation of sugar/corn syrup that was added to make that 20oz soda taste exactly how you like it. And I want you to imagine this build up in your body and think about how long it takes your body to break this down and the effect that this probably has on your system!

Batteries Corroded?
The next video shows something we have all heard about growing up. The acidity of coke can actually clean copper pennies and in this case battery cables. Once again, if this stuff is capable of cleaning rust and battery acid then what is it doing inside of your arteries and how does this affect your pearly white teeth!? Probably breaks them down and turns that white to hmm...something a little more unattractive.
Lastly, in the same vein as the last video, this one shows coca-cola being used to clean a toilet. Don't have bleach!? No problem. Crack open the fridge and pour some soda in the toilet!
Works pretty good eh!
I've said it time and again. Some of the worst things for you taste good, feel good, etc... I know not all people are extreme enough to cut certain things out of their diets for good but atleast try to adjust your intake to give your body a fighting chance. I haven't even addressed the weight gain associated with drinking these coke products. And please don't think "DIET" is any better. Hell, with the artificial sweetners they are actually worse! Anyway, as the Hodgetwins always say," This is just advice! DO WHATEVER THE %$#  YOU WANNA DO!
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