Wednesday, August 12, 2015

M-100s Workout

Here is a pretty simple but effective workout to get the heart rate bumping as a warm up, finishing, or total workout depending on your fitness level. It's simple in concept. 100 reps! These reps will be broken into sets of 3.
Your sets will consist the following:
 10 Burpees
 10 Mountain Climbers
 10 Double Pump Squat Jumps

Thats one set. Repeat that 3 times and finish off with another set of 10 Burpees. And there you have it. 100 reps in the books, you have just completed M-100s. These are the types of workouts that aid fat loss! They are short but high intensity thus even when you finish working out your body will still be burning tons of calories! They call this the AfterBurn effect.

Give it a try and let me know how you make out!!! You can also take this template and create limitless variations of this workout so be creative, have fun, and most importantly MOVE SOMETHING!!!

Here's another variation of the M-100 workout I created. Give this one a try as well!!!

-Mark B Fitness

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