Saturday, September 5, 2015

Selfie Stick - Product Review

Hello again ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! It's Mark here giving you another product review and today we will be reviewing the Selfie Stick by Kiwii. The amazon store is located at
and for the record no I do not get paid for this review or any traffic directed towards amazon from this. I did however, receive this product for free so that I could provide an honest review of it.

With that said, here are my thoughts.
1) You know society has hit an all time low as far as vanity is concerned when the idea of a selfie stick becomes relevant. Social media is definitely the driving force behind this and with sites like Instagram and Youtube around it is no surprise we desire products such as selfie sticks to get that perfect video or photo!

2) My initial reaction was disappointment as I thought my selfie stick did not work. My phone kept trying to zoom when I clicked on the photo button and I figured maybe the selfie stick wasn't compatible with the Samsung Galaxy 4 phone that I possess. Being as though I received this product for free, I really did not want to give it a bad review however, if it doesn't work I wanted to give my honest opinion.

3)  After reading a few reviews on Amazon, I learned that you can change the settings of your phones camera mode to make the volume button control either the zoom, the photo or the video options. Once I learned this I was able to make the selfie stick work on my phone. This was a very simple fix and a slight mention in the directions would have alleviated this problem.

4) Once I learned how to operate the selfie stick it was very simple to use. Plug in the headphone jack to your phone, extended the monopod, and shoot away.

5) This is a good product for a cheap price. It seems well made, I don't think it will break easily and it compresses to a size that looks like it can easily fit into a ladies purse or backpack.

Overall, I am impressed with the product. My only complaint is that a more detailed explanation should accompany the product informing the consumer how to change the settings in the event that the selfie stick doesn't work on the initial try. At $6.99 you can't beat the price either.

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