Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fitness Answered Resistance Bands-Review


Below is my video review of the product.
I typically train at the practice track at a local park and when I broke these out one of the more seasoned boot camp owners immediately inquired about them!!! These bands look good though, I think they sell themselves especially if you have used bands before. They are a great asset if you like to use multiple stations or prefer equipment that multiple people can use while stll being portable and light weight.

My intent is to start using these bands in a manner similar to Coach Kelvin. This guy is an awesome trainer and his use of resistance training is awesome!

I believe these bands are of great enough quality as well as resistance to enhance my current workout scheme and I can't wait to make this vision a reality.

*Once again, my review was conducted in return for receiving these bands at a free or reduced rate. My thoughts and opinions are mine alone and are 100% my feelings about this product.*


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