Friday, April 15, 2016

Product Review-EatSmart Precision 550 Bathroom Scale

Product Review-EatSmart Precision 550 Bathroom Scale

Recently, I received the Eat Smart Precision 550 Bathroom Scale and my first impression was wow! Not to sound mushy but it was the best looking scale I had ever seen. Even my two children (4 and 1 years old) were anxious to step on it. The scale is run off of 3 AAA batteries and yields a digital read out.

Personally, I am no where near 500lbs but if you are on the heavier side this scale can accomodate you as well. It has a weight capacity of 550lbs which gives a wide range of potential users.

As I mentioned in my intro, aesthetically it is very attractive to the eyes so there is no need to hide it once your finished using it. You can proudly display your scale in the bathroom and it will not take away from the look of the room. 

This scale is selling for $39.95 on amazon. They also have a bunch of different models available that are a little cheaper in cost but in my opinion this one is worth it.  Here's a link in the event you are interested in buying one 

Other features:
It has an automatic on/off function.
It can be configured for kg/ or lbs
It has a large platform
It has a large digital display

Here are a few product facts about the Eat Smart Precision 550 Bathroom Scale from the companies advertisment.

  • - 550 lb capacity - HIGHEST IN THE CONSUMER MARKET (.2 lb increments) and Lb/kg switchable - 250kg
    - When weight locks in, scale will beep allowing user to step off and have an easy view of the readout
    - Large 3.7" LCD display w/ blue backlight - easy to read from any distance or angle
    - 3 x AAA batteries included in package
    - As with all EatSmart scales, the Precision 550 includes our 100% satisfaction guarantee and two-year warranty. 

This review was in return for receiving this product for free or at a reduced rate. These are  my honest unbiased opinions. Thanks for reading.

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