Saturday, April 29, 2017


What's up y'all. If you are reading this I want to say thank you for coming through. I've been pretty dormant lately when it comes to the blogging but I have been active in indeed.

Dr. Sebi Diet-

It's probably been about 2 months now since we have been doing the diet. My wife admittedly has been a little more steadfast on it than I am, but I have stuck to the major tenants of it for the most part. Specifically, not eating meat.  I have been adding a little fish into my diet though and most weekends are the days where I will be eating either Drum or  Red fish.  Initially, I dropped down from like 208 to 194lbs. My weight has crept up a bit to a 200lb range but that in my opinion is due to the chips and chocolate candy, YES I DID SAY CANDY, that has been sneaking itself into my diet. Bad vices and a perfect illustration of how what you eat has a bigger effect on your weight than the amount of exercise you do.  I say this because I am still getting my workouts in and haven't really slacked off in my opinion.

Master's Track and Field Training-

My first eye balled meet is about May 27th here in New Orleans. I am nervous and anxious at the same time. I haven't even touched my speed training but I have been feeling pretty good in my workouts. That said, the consistency that I feel is needed when it comes to track and field has definitely been lacking.  As I train my clients 6-7 days a week, it is sometimes hard to find that time or energy or both to go to the track and get in a good 1-1.5 running workout.  I have been getting my track days in about a good 1 or 2 days a week but I remember the days of 5-6 days a week so I am questioning whether my conditioning is at competition level sharpness. I guess time will tell but it is definitely ticking closer to the deadline.

Group Workouts-
 My group workouts are still going strong.  Monday and Wednesday at City Park for $8.00
and Tuesday and Thursdays are free. If you are interested feel free to give me a buzz or email

One on One workouts-
I had been meeting a lot of my clients at Planet Fitness however they are getting pretty serious about not wanting independent trainers working in there spot these days.  My work around had been to "workout" with the people I meet there as opposed to "training" them there but I feel my time over there may be coming to a head.  I am still available for City Park, Walnut Square, Joe Brown Park and other locations but the Planet Fitness option is now basically off the table. Sorry for any inconvenience this may bring. But you have to be able to adapt as life sometimes works that way.


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