Monday, July 1, 2013

Advanced Ab moves for a shredded six pack and strong core

Abs are a muscle group that you can literally target hundreds of different ways. The variety of exercises you can do for them are almost endless. However, once you get tired of lying on the floor doing crunch and situp variations then I recommend hanging out! Yep, hanging from a pull up bar can take your ab routine to a whole 'nother level.

Hanging causes you to use upper body muscles to support your body weight in addition to focusing on your core to keep you stable and keep your feet in the air. These exercises are not easy however so if you are new to working out or not sure about your core strength start slow and gradually build your way up.

Here's a video of me doing hanging windshield wipers and hanging knee crunches (toes to the bar). Of the two, the hanging windshield wipers are the hardest of the two exercises. If you want to modify this exercise to make it easier you can keep your knees bent and tucked in closer to your body.

Now remember, diet is the most important element to seeing your six pack. If you muscles are covered in fat then you won't be able to see them pop! However, if you are putting in work on your abs and your diet is on point, you will no doubt see the cut up washboard abs you have been trying to

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