Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cancer gone Wild!

The big C

Cancer has undeniably gone wild! Everyone you talk to has either experienced the loss of a loved on from Cancer or may be actually dealing with Cancer themselves. This is something that infuriates me and I have taken it on as part of my life's purpose to spread as much information as possible on this topic.
 **Disclaimer** I am not a medical doctor, rather someone who studies up on the subject and researched those who have been successful fighting Cancer and the methods they have employed.

Anyone can get it

The most frustrating this about Cancer is that anyone and everyone can get it. From babies to the elderly, black to white, rich to poor, nobody is technically immune to it. We have seen non-athletes
and athletes alike affected as well. Seems pretty discouraging to say the least as it appears no one can escape the Cancer monster. Just yesterday Jim Kelly, from Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon was the latest celebrity to succumb .

Even the Jamaican 400m medalist Novlene Williams-Mills recently admitted she was diagnosed with
breast cancer leading up to the 2012 London Olympics! Thus, working out is part of the puzzle but obviously not the only factor in preventing cancer.

Preventing Cancer
Preventing  Cancer is actually an illusion. Cancer is basically the term that describes an excess of cell growth and cell mutation. This happens to everyone over the course of their life however the body is normally efficient at removing and destroying these unnecessary cells. The problem occurs when the cell growth occurs faster than the body can respond or when the body can no longer fight off the mutated cells. As you just noticed above, working out is only part of the equation! We have so many factors working against us (radiation from cell phones, computers,microwave ovens etc.., chem trails, food preservatives, fluoride in the water, heavy metals in our soaps, deodorants, the pesticides and chemicals, etc..) so it is necessary to give our bodies the building blocks and nutrients it needs
to keep rebuilding and repairing like it is programmed to do!

Yes, our body is programmed to repair!

Organic fruits and vegetables are the key! Stay away from the pesticides and preservatives used to keep food lasting for longer periods. If insects, and pets don't want to eat it, neither should you. Food is alive so if it doesn't die or decay then imagine what it does in your own body.  We need food that contains living nutrients and the POWER of the SUN! This is what keeps our bodies healthy and flourishing. In our grandparents' lifetime there was no need for "organic" because they grew their own food and knew what they were putting into their bodies. But in this day, big business only cares about profit so if they can market it they will sell it. Nutrients make no difference to them because profit is the bottom line. There are countless documentaries on Netflix showing people turn their lives around whether we are talking about stage 4 cancer, diabetes, heart diseases etc..through the power of juicing, going "RAW", and/or just returning to eating a high veggie raw lifestyle. Here is a list of a few titles that I recommend watching "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead", "Dying to have known", "Hungry for Change", "Forks over knives", these are just a few but there are many more documented cases of people taking control of their lives through taking control of their plates!

If you are suffering with Cancer, have tried the Chemo, tried the Radiation and are still having challenges check out the Gerson Institute. , Hallelujah Acres and Dr. Serbi . These are a few resources that you owe it to yourself to check out. I won't say conventional medicine doesn't have a place in today's world but I will say that conventional medicine is a for profit industry as well so their is no real value in healing anyone but rather patching symptoms and not addressing the true issues plaguing our bodies. 

This was a general overview on the topic and no way meant to be an indepth review. Look at this as rather a map to point you in the direction of other resources for you to research. The saying you are what you eat is true! Hippocrates said "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food..." This saying has never been more true than it is today. Food is our only true way to fight for our bodies and our future. Thanks for reading...
-Mark B

About an hour after I finished writing this article, I noticed this one on the cover of yahoo!  . This reaffirms my position that the bottom line is $$$ and not your health.
And for the record, DIET softdrink is more dangerous than regular!

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