Wednesday, August 20, 2014

MARK where are you?

So, I wrote this whole article on why you should squat, the benefits etc... Had a few computer hiccups and before you know it, I was sitting here looking at a blank screen. Talk about took the wind out of my sales. Thus, I didn't publish my article and as you can see the blog has been rather stagnant lately.

Why aren't you writing more articles? Are you atleast working out? Training anyone right now?
Well, my other line of work has kept me pretty busy lately. I've been doing a bunch of flying in and out of town and frankly, I've just been a little lazy when it comes to writing. Especially, when you finally do take the time to write an article but it doesn't save properly so you lose it before publishing it. As far as working out, come on, you know good and well I'm working out. My eating habits however are hit and miss. As I always say, hats off to bodybuilders because the level of will power necessary to shred to those lower single digit bodyfat numbers is something I'm presently lacking. 

Am I training anyone right now? Yes, and No. I have a couple of colleagues and close friends I give pointers to and workouts here and there but I haven't been meeting anyone for one on one sessions or group sessions. I miss it though and soon as I get free time again, you best believe "Embrace the pain University" will be back in full effect. Until then, check out my clips on youtube or instagram to keep up with the going ons and what nots. 

In the mean time, if you're not already doing so ADD SQUATS TO YOUR ROUTINE! Yeah they hurt, but your body needs them. 

-Mark BFitness

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