Saturday, September 20, 2014

Stretching and recovery

Stretching and recovery

Whether you are working out to improve your performance or just to look better there is one component that should always be included. What am I talking about? Stretching and recovery.

Stretching is so crucial to having a healthy fit body. I must admit this is even one of the major areas I slack off in. Personally, I feel that stretching is boring however after I finish a session my body feels great. In my opinion, it is not healthy to be overly muscular but super stiff.  Tight muscles are a sure sign of an upcoming injury especially if you compete in sports. I do not condone YOGA, however, serious participants of yoga are a good example of our body's capability to be strong, flexible, and toned.

Working out is not what builds the muscle. The recovery is when this happens. That is why it is so important to feed your body the right nutrients so that when you are sleeping, the body can GROW!
Working out is what tears the muscles down, it tells your body that we need more muscle in order to accomplish a certain task. As these broken down fibers repair, additional muscle is created.

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