Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Product Review: NonaActive JumpRope

PRODUCT REVIEW: NonaActive Jump Rope

Today's review comes courtesy of the NonaActive. They sent me a jump rope package which included a frisbee and a book of skipping songs for kids!  I thought this was a nice touch considering the kids obesity problem we have in this country. Though must kids will probably see this and only use it one or two times, it's still a good way to draw interest into the the frisbee and jump rope. 

The jumprope has soft handles and is pretty light weight. Everything seems to be well made but 
nothing extra special as relates to the equipment. Honestly, I looked through the book of songs one time and don't even know where the frisbee is currently located. However, I use the jump rope about every other day either for myself or with one of my clients. 

In my opinion, jumping rope is a great low impact way to get in shape and lose a little weight.  These are currently retailing for $10.99 which isn't bad in my opinion. Especially considering that you get a frisbee and a book of songs that you can use with your kid or kids.  If interested, here is the link to the amazon vendor Jump rope link

So in conclusion, if you can find  a cheaper durable jump rope by all means get it! But, if you can't then this one is a good value as well. Nothing special about it, but you do get a few additions that you may or may not find useful. 

*This review has been provided in return for receipt of this free product. It was 100% my honest opinion of the product.



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