Monday, August 22, 2016

RIMSports Ankle Strap: Product Review

RIMSports Ankle Strap: Product Review

So I got another package in the mail to review. This time it was the RIMSports Ankle Straps. Upon opening the package I noticed two straps were included.  I was hoping they would have included some carabiners as well but it was just the straps. 

I did like the color of the ankle straps though. They were black with the letters highlighted in hot pink. Most times, ankle straps are used by women so I thought this was pretty appropriate. Though, I had been trying to make it to the gym to use these with one of my clients, scheduling conflicts and vacations delayed my review of this product.  Instead of using the gym though, I decided to hook them up to my resistance bands. 
These bands were easy to hook up, and my client thought they were comfortable as well. Below is a quick snippet of her using the ankle straps. I put her through a glute and hamstring workout on this day. With the resistance, her legs were instantly burning! Thus, I'd say the ankle straps achieved the desired result. 

If you are in the market for some light weight equipment that is easy to slip into your gym bag, then I think these are a good addition.  They are currently being sold for $19.99 on amazon.
Here is the link, if you are interested: Ankle Straps RIMSports

* I did receive this product at a free or reduced rate in return for my honest review of the product.

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