Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Guideline Pro: Beard liner template Product Review

As you guys know, I do product reviews here and there. This is another example of such. Today's review is for the Guideline Pro Beard Liner Template.  I'll keep this one short and simple. 
Price- 12.99
Ease of use- Not too bad, but it is pretty awkard to hold a razor to your face and shave while holding the template in perfect position to keep your line straight. I did think it worked better with my electric razor though. 
Quality of product- The template is made of a light flexible plastic. I did have an issue with the ink on the template disappearing though, probably from the oil or shaving cream dissolving it. 

Would I buy it if it wasn't free- Hmm, it serves a purpose. Probably not though. Just being honest, I already free hand my beard and I feel like I still have to free hand at times even with the template. However, I've only used it about 3 times, maybe with more practice I will get better at it and appreciate it a bit more. If that is the case, I will update this statement. 

Here is the product description per the company

Product Description

    GuideLine Pro is a beard grooming template. Which allows a razor or beard trimmer, to command the level of precision and symmetry, you could expect from a professional barber.
  • EXTREMELY SIMPLE Although the design looks simplistic. Each element. Such as GuideLines unique non-slip shape. Or it's easy to follow numbering system. Was designed to perform a specific function. Resulting in an unbelievably natural beard shaping template.

*I received this product at a reduce rate in return for my honest unbiased opinion

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