Sunday, November 8, 2020

FINALLY! I'm back!

 The return has been long overdue. I thought my blog was deleted and honestly forgot how to log back on here for a while. Not to mention work happens! I stepped out of the personal training realm and back into 9 to 5 world. Life has been good, but I do have a slight void. 

I miss training other folks and training in general. I still workout but my consistency has not been there. 

I've been fighting to drop my last 20lbs and it has been an up and down game. So my waiver has been between 214 and 230. Today is the day I am choosing to call my RESET! Yes, I have said that many times before but I need to get back to the cardio. 

So here we are. Back on the grind. Cardio sucks but it is necessary. Lifting weights is fun but for me, it doesn't keep the weight off. In my old age, sprinting hurts and running for time hurts even worse.

Variety is the plain. Jumping Rope, spinbike, boxing, etc...If I can stay consistent results shall come. 

So here we are...11.8.2020.  I'll do a weight check in tomorrow (I think).

GOAL is to be at or under 205 by the end of December. 

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