Saturday, January 2, 2021

Asuna 7700 - Manual Treadmill - One of the best pieces of workout equipment I own

 I must admit, I'm cheap! I don't like spending money on NATHAN ya hear me! That said, my wife wanted to buy a treadmill for the house and my immediate reaction was NO! We don't need it, I don't want it. We can run outside, we already have a spinning machine. This is an unnecessary purchase...She argued her point that running outside doesn't feel safe for her and after a little guilting I gave in. 

We took to Amazon and she found an electric powered machine that looked fantastic. The price was decent and the reviews weren't too bad so we said ok, let's go far it! These days, I don't trust any new big dollar purchases so I bought the extended warranty as usual. A few days go buy and the big box turned up on my door step. I lug the thing inside and after I labor to put it all together (it was so heavy!) the freaking thing did not work! We call customer service, talk to amazon and they say the motor was bad! 

How does a BRAND NEW MACHINE have a bad motor ALREADY! 

We wrestled back and forth and finally got our refund. 

Not discouraged we decide maybe a manual treadmill was a better option so we go back to intense research once again. After searching and searching we stumbled across the ASUNA 7700! This baby looks intimidating but set up was pretty minimal. Put a little lube on the tread and I was pretty much good to go. I think I needed to screw in the laptop holder as well.

So what makes the Asuna7700 so great?

First thing to note is the treadmill stays on incline! If you have ever worked out on a treadmill then you already know what walking on an incline feels like. Couple that with the fact that there is no motor. Hell, you are the motor. That means if you put effort into your walk, you will be sweating in minutes. 

The initial reviews had us scared that my sons (6 and 9) would not be able to utilize the machine because of the effort required to move it but that was not the case. My 6 y.o religiously hops on and just starts sprinting randomly throughout the day.  My oldest will even move the resistance to the highest level (8) and do a couple of runs at that setting. 

As you can see from the photo above, it folds upright saving considerable space when not in use. However, you won't be putting this under the bed or anything. You can increase the incline but there is no way to make the treadmill flat unless you stack some books under it or something creative which I probably wouldn't advise. 


So we bought our treadmill prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Because of COVID, dumbbells and homeworkout equipment became a rare commodity when the gyms closed. We bought out treadmill for under $800.00, I just check the price and it is now almost double what we paid. Again, a buy product of COVID or INFLATION...pick your reason. 

Would I recommend it?

Like I said, this is one of the best pieces of equipment we have in the house. Your workouts will most likely be short and intense rather than long and low intensity. But you decide as you can easily throw on some headphones and just walk the incline for 30-45minutes. Trying to jog on this for 30 minutes will probably make your calves feel like they are going to fall off. 

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