Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy Bday to me!

Hello my fit family!
Yesterday was my birthday. I started my day at the French Riveria Gym running a client through a training session. No, I don't work there but I am thinking about interning with the franchise. I personally prefer the outdoors sports performance type of training but I would like to gain some in-gym experience as well.

I specifically told the wife that I did not want any cake for my birthday. She decides she would bring home a box of cookies, and pastries instead. Needless to say, I de-railed from my nutrition plan big time yesterday. When it's out of sight out of mind, I am awesome but if you put too many sweets in my face, my will power is low lol.  That box didn't survive the day!

Ah well, as I always say, fall down, get up, and get back on the horse. I'll be getting my workout in shortly but I wanted to encourage someone that even fitness fanatics fall off track from time to time. Don't let that get you down. We workout hard, your body can handle a treat every once in a while. It won't kill you nor will it make you gain 5lbs in one day. Get back on track and keep it moving!

To all of the rest of the Aries Babies out there, Happy Birthday! This is the best month to be born in!

-Mark B Fitness

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