Monday, April 8, 2013

Vega Sports Pre-workout Energizer - A review

My last post was about the usefulness of pre-workout supplements. I do believe they can be a great asset to your training regimen. The problem is, most of them are filled with dangerous artificial ingredients. Well, I have found one that is made of organic ingredients and no artificial dye!
The product is call Vega Sports Pre-workout Energizer. So let's get down to the review.

Presently, there are two different flavors available: Acai-Berry and Lemon-Lime. As you will see below, Vega Sports Pre-workout Energizer is made of top quality ingredients! Now you won't get any creatine or major protein in your servings but what you do get is pure plant based power! It has a mix of both high glycemic organic brown rice syrup and low glycemic organic palm nectar which aims to give you the immediate energy you need as well as sustained long term energy.
 Here is a copy of the nutritional label from the website.


Acai Berry:
Whole grain brown rice syrup, organic palm nectar, natural blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, acai and pomegranate flavors, citric acid, DL-malic acid, organic red beet powder.
Lemon Lime:
Whole grain brown rice syrup, organic palm nectar, natural lemon and lime flavors, organic spinach leaf, citric acid, DL-malic acid, beta carotene.

Compared to the other pre-workout powders I have taken this one definitely tastes different than the others. While the major supplement companies go out of their way to make their products super sweet you will not notice that with this product. Initially, it tastes pretty bland however as your taste buds get use to it, you will notice slight hints of sweetness. I tried the Acai-berry flavor. It was far from intolerable or nasty but it was also far from the super sweet flavor you would notice with say Cellucor C4. Mixing this with a fruit juice may provide the solution to this however, the taste is definitely not a deal breaker. Some may even find it a refreshing reminder that this product is made from pure plant based ingredients and not artificial "poison."

One packet poured into 8oz of water mixed just fine.Normally, I use a blender cup to shake my drink however this time I stirred it around in a mason jar. Everything dissolved pretty consistenly, and there were no clumps or noticeable remnants of the powder.

Here is the major drawback!Let's face it better quality products cost more money to produce. No exception here. The cheapest price I've found online for a 1month supply of this product was $38.90 before shipping and handling. Compare that to say Cellucor C4 which you can get for $29.99. The serving sizes are drastically smaller also which may good or bad depending on how you look at it.

Usefullness/ Did it work?
Well, I have to first set some parameters. On this day, my workout was not first thing in the morning.
I did not feel "flat" prior to taking the pre-workout so I am not sure if the Energizer made a difference or if I was just feeling good because of the time of the day. However, I will say that my energy levels were consistent throughout my workout and it was one of my better ones. The question is, was it a placebo effect or was it really due to the addition of the Vega Sport Energizer. I definitely didn't feel the instant kick of adrenaline I experience with Optimum Platinum Pre. However, I didn't feel any crash at the end of the workout nor did I feel like my sleep was disturbed at the end of the day. Honestly, I felt the first experience was promising and I look forward to trying it again in greater duration to determine how it works on one of my "flat" sessions. Just off of the ingredients alone I prefer this supplement over the other major name brands.

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Have you tried Vega Sports Pre-workout Energizer? I'd love to get your feedback!


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