Friday, March 1, 2013

Jump Higher/Run Faster with the Air Alert Program

Everybody wants to run faster or jump higher! About 2 years ago, I tried this program called Air Alert and I really enjoyed it. The makers claim that you will be able to run .2 to .4 seconds faster in the 40 and jump 8 to 14 inches higher and it has been endorsed by the likes of Baron Davis, and Larry Hughes of the NBA. Well, I didn't get to finish the program in order to see if I would jump 14 inches higher but I did make gains in  my explosive quickness and leg strength. I do believe if I would have finished the program those results would have been attainable.

Do I believe Air Alert is magic? No, I wouldn't say that either. It takes hard work and consistency to see any results. The first couple of weeks are meant to prepare your body for the heavy workload
your will endure toward the end of the program. Some people have complained about getting knee problems as well. To that I say, make sure you are using good form and not overtraining. More than anything, I always stress QUALITY over QUANTITY. 

Everybody's body is different so don't judge your results by comparing yourself to someone else. Track your progress, measure your gains and  use the little accomplishments to feed your ego.
 Remember drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and stretching all make a difference in your gains.

Check out my video below for a sample of the workout

For more on the program check out their website :

Have you tried the program? What do you think about it? Share your tips or stories below!


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