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Migraines Suck! But I finally found something that works to relieve the pain!

In highschool, every Friday we had to run the mile for PE. And being the "trackstar", I felt it was my duty to show how superior of a runner I was.  And seems like almost every Friday, I would win a terrible Migraine for my efforts. At that time, I could not figure out why in the world I would always get these unbearable headaches from hell. 
The Symptons
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were always the same, it was like the warning that you were about to be hit by a truck and there was nothing you could do about it. First, my vision would blur ever so slightly and that would increase to me seeing stars or what is called Auras. Though this was distracting this is not painful, it just makes you feel like your looking into another dimension lol.  After the auras, your eyes become a bit more sensitive to light and my hands would start to numb. Again, aggravating but not painful. However, the next symptons were the real beginning of hell. Nausea and vomiting were pretty common and then there was the slightest, dullest pain behind my eye. Once you hit this phase you know, it's all downhill for the next few days.The pain intensifies and you don't want to see any light, hear anything, or be bothered by anyone! Even once the "Migraine" is over, you still can't make any sudden moves or you will feel a sharp pain behind your eye. (The pain for me is usually only between one eye)
How did I manage the pain?
Well, I tried Tylenol, Advil, etc.. and none of that even put a dent in the pain! I thought the only thing I could do was bear down, keep a cold towel over my eyes/head and keep the room as dark and quiet as possible. Sleep isn't even a pleasant escape from the pain as the Migraine follows you into sleep like FREDDY KRUEGER!


BC's and Goody's Headache Powder

A few years ago I discovered headache powders. I only use them for my worst headaches and they always destroy the headache within atleast 30mins! I love them for that reason. However, nothing should work that fast in your body. I always think of this stuff like taking CRACK. Lol, for that reason I try to not use them too often. That being said, I had a Migraine about a year ago and figured I'd break out the big guns! I took a packet of BC's, swallowed it down and waited for the MAGIC to happen. I must admit, it brought it down from a normal 10 out of 10 to about a 5 out of 10 but I was still going through it! It was at that time that my fear of Migraines went up to another level. "If BC's can't beat it, nothing can", or so I thought at the time.

Excedrin Migraine Works!

Fast forward to last week and after another pretty hard workout I started seeing the zig-zags, and stars. I thought oh no, Not now. It has been about a year since I got one of these. As my vision started to blur, I immediately sent my wife to Walgreens to get me anything that said Migraine on it. She came home with Excedrin Migraine. I had never used this before but I figured it couldn't hurt. I immediately popped 2 pills and waited for the fireworks to begin.

20mins, 30mins, and hour and the pain hadn't made it to level 2. I decided I would take a nap (probably due to something in the Excedrin) and see what happens. About 3 hours later, I felt the worst was already over!!! Did you see what I just said, 3 hours later and I was already over the worst of it. This was unprecedented in my dealings with Migraines. I popped another pill just to make sure I wasn't premature in my thoughts and continued to get some rest. The next day there was the normal recovery that had to occur but if there is such a thing, this was the best Migraine experience I've ever had.
I don't work for Excedrin but I had to share this experience! I wish I would have known about this when I use to suffer for so many of my younger years. As you know or will see, I am into holistic, natural, homeopathic cures, but in this case I will use whatever works lol. What do you do to manage your Migraines? Do you know of any other things that work?

Check out my video below as well. Thanks!
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