Thursday, March 21, 2013

Losing weight after pregnancy

 Six pack after pregnancy!?
Here is a perfect example of what can be done with hard work, consistency and a clean diet. True, everybody is different so I wouldn't compare myself to the woman below but I would use her as motivation to help you become the best you possible.


The woman in the video admits that she worked out up until the day of her pregnancy! That alone tells you that she probably comes from an athletic background or was already a fitness freak. There are some people who even believe that these pictures are a product of photoshop. 

The fact is that most people do not want to follow a strict bodybuilders diet. Let's be honest, it is hard to do.

The workout plan

Well, she used Shaun T's Insanity workout. Yep, 60 days of high intensity Cardio! I have finished the program myself and I will be the first to admit, it is HARD. I wouldn't say it's insane, but definitely difficult. Most women will have a hard time walking much less doing an intense workout like Insanity immediately following pregnancy. I would make sure you are cleared by a doctor as not to tear any stitches or cause any additional bleeding. However, light cardio and resistance exercise would be beneficial. 

You can check out my wife's story on the regime I put her through before/during/and after her pregnancy!

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