Monday, March 25, 2013

What is your excuse? Motivation of the day

 Mr. Milton Phillips passed 3/24/2013. However, he lived a full life! You see, he died at the ripe age of 91 years old, only a few weeks shy of 92. He lived in a time of racism, segregation, and lack of opportunity but still managed to obtain a Masters degree from Southern University, something that was virtually unheard of during that time. He was a veteran of the United States Army and a survivor of World War 2. Yep, he traveled the world! Moreover, he went on to teach for many many years, and made a very successful life for himself. He provided for many generations up until the time of his death. Matter of fact, he was one of the first black teachers to integrate a totally white Slidell school system.
This guy is a legend in my book. In the video above he was 88 years old! Yes, still working out, still fighting, still strong willed!

All to often we make excuses in this life. But you have to fight! No matter what your circumstances, you have to never give in. Not too long after this video he was diagnosed with Dementia. It was a rough battle but he never gave in and never complained. His spirit stayed strong just like a fighter's would. As his health declined the doctors continually counted him out. However, "Wolverine"as I call him always fought back. Time after time, hospital visit after hospital visit, "Wolverine" always came back strong. To the day he died, he was not even on many medicine. No diabetes, no high blood pressure, just a strong will to win! Even on his final ride to the hospital he had a look in his eyes that said, GET ME OFF OF THIS !@#$R%T^ Stretcher, lol. Yep, another great piece of history was lost yesterday. An inspiration that beat the odds, and did things nobody should have done during that time. So I ask, WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE? Why are you not ________________________? If you want it, make it happen! Mr. Phillips did! RIP "Wolverine"

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